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our specialties

Ocean House Halibut


Halibut with homestyle seasoning served with grilled zucchini and riceberry rice.

Smoky Sword Fish


Grilled sword fish served with cilantro lime sauce, topped with mango salsa, served with grilled asparagus, Japanese red cabbage, and riceberry rice.

Smoky Seared Ahi Tuna (Served Rare)

Seared ahi tuna (served rare) topped with cajun seasoning, based of umami sauce, spicy mayo, served with potato salad, and riceberry rice.


Crispy Tuna Steak (Served Rare)


Tuna (served rare) with tempura style topped with sweet chili sauce and mango salsa, served with Japanese red cabbage, and riceberry rice.

Pacific Cod with Miso Glaze


Cod topped with miso glazed served with wasabi mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and Japanese red cabbage.

Teriyaki Glazed Cod


Pacific Cod topped with teriyaki glazed, mango salsa and tomatoes, base of asparagus, served with Japanese red cabbage, and riceberry rice. 

Salmon with Green Curry


Grilled salmon topped with Thai green curry, served with potato salad, and riceberry rice.

Shrimp Garlic Noodle


Asian noodles with shrimp (6pcs.) shiitake mushroom and asparagus, topped with parmesan cheese.

Branzino with Chili Sauce


Grilled European Sea Bass topping with spicy chili sauce served with riceberry rice and kaleslaw.

Barramundi with Black Pepper


Grilled Barramundi (skin on) topped with black pepper sauce and fried onion, served with asparagus, Japanese red cabbage, and riceberry rice.











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